We deliver fast and natural energy to go!

We deliver fast and natural energy to go!

We fell in love with Apollo Energy Gum® which is an absolutely new and innovative energy product and are proud to represent it in Germany and Austria.

Apollo Energy Gum® is a functional chewing gum with a unique Liquid Core®. With natural caffeine from green coffee beans and B-vitamins, Apollo® provides fast and clean energy. Chewing stimulates cognitive abilities, which explains the unique combination that makes Apollo® Energy Gum an evolution in fast and sustainable energy intake:

Years ago, the founder of Apollo® Energy Gum USA, Troy Widgery, successfully launched the GoFast! brand (www.gofast.com). He developed the brand with great passion into a global brand. However, he kept experimenting to find a better, healthier, and more efficient way of getting energy into the body when it is needed.

Quality is a top priority at Apollo®: All ingredients, suppliers and every production step are closely controlled, analyzed and perfected in order to offer the best quality to athletes, but also to everyone who wants to stay focused and in their everyday life.


By chewing you are not only more alert, but also more focused. You not only get fitter, but also more responsive and more attentive. And, you can take it with you anytime, anywhere – basically, your portable energy.

Apollo® Energy Gum is produced in the Liquid Core® Gum Company in Denver, Colorado USA, by a team of athletes as well as health experts and fitness enthusiasts.

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