Apollo Brands Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH launches Golf Gum® in Germany and Austria

Golf Gum® – the energy gum for the demanding golfer.

Caffeine reduces fatigue and increases physical performance. Chewing gum increases focus and concentration. Exactly this is the unique combination that may be relevant in critical situations on the court – both combined in an innovative and fresh mint gum that fits into every pocket.

What is Golf Gum®?

It was the number 1 talking point during Tiger’s amazing comeback 2019 in Augusta: Professional golfers chewing gum at tournaments because they know it helps with concentration and focusing on the moment. Whether you are a recreational or a professional golfer, Golf Gum® is the perfect partner for a round on the course, so that you can also focus and master the second 9 holes. Golf Gum® is a functional caffeine chewing gum with natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans in a unique liquid core. One gum contains 80mg caffeine (about as much as one energy drink or 2 espressos) and B-vitamins, but it is also sugar-free, free of aspartame, gluten-free, and vegan.

What is the Liquid Core®?

Golf Gum® has a unique feature, the Liquid Core®. It releases natural caffeine from green coffee beans as well as B vitamins. The caffeine is optimally and quickly absorbed through the mucous membranes. Once dissolved, nothing but a pleasant and fresh spearmint taste remains. Max Kramer Golf Pro is a Golf Gum® brand ambassador. As an amateur, Max Kramer was one of the best in Germany and played in the German national team from 1997 to 2007. He celebrated several German and international successes before moving to the professional camp in 2007. As a golf professional, Max Kramer played on the Challenge Tour and numerous tournaments on the European Tour. On the ProGolf Tour he was able to win several tournaments and titles. As a fully qualified PGA professional and professional player, it is not only pure passion but also many years of experience that distinguish Max Kramer as a trainer and owner of the Max Kramer golf school. Max about Golf Gum®: I learned about Golf Gum® for the first time in 2020, and have since been enthusiastic and convinced about the product. Not only on the golf course, but also during my daily fitness routine after golf or privately, Golf Gum® gives me the energy and focus I need. We are happy that we can finally introduce Golf Gum® in Germany and Austria.
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