Extra Energy at Home

Working long hours at your desk, and want to get some workout done before or after sitting a lot in front of your computer? 

Working from home these days can be somewhat tiresome as we do not exercise as much outside as we usually do. Plus, we tend to get a bit used to the ‘non-exciting’ daily life having to stay at home as much as we can. Of course, this is true for whoever is doing their job now from home instead of from their office, and it is a different scenario for people still working very actively in the line of duty, health industry, and who are working at essential businesses.

Apollo® Energy Gum can provide you some extra energy no matter where you are but even more so at home. Many people need extra concentration and focus with more people now staying at home. Each gum contains 80mg natural caffeine equal to about one 330ml energy drink.

By chewing gum your cognitive skills will improve, helping you to get more concentration, be more focused and enhance memory recall. The unique combination of natural caffeine derived from green unroasted coffee beans and chewing a gum is giving you a fantastic alternative to any other energy drink or coffee. 

The positive effect of the xylitol which is worked into the gum base is another benefit. Your teeth will thank you! Instead of having a bad taste or breath after food and coffee, the refreshing mint will be long-lasting and the xylitol is proven to be helpful against building of plaque. The amount of xylit in the Apollo® Energy Gum is a lot higher than in most gums on the market. This explains also why the size of Apollo® is somewhat greater than other xylitol containing gums. In this case size matters! 

You will be feeling the extra energy for at about 5 hours for whatever activity you perform at home. 

Stay home and stay healthy! 

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