How does Apollo® Energy Gum differ from Energy drinks, or other Energy products?

Why does Apollo® Energy Gum work so quickly and why are we talking about „clean energy“?

One of the main reasons why Apollo® Energy Gum works so quickly is that the caffeine is absorbed directly through the mucous membranes, and not through the gastrointestinal tract, as is the case with other caffeine products. The effect starts after a few minutes. If you take other food supplements, coffee or energy drinks, it often takes up to an hour for the energy boost to be felt.

The dosage of caffeine is often underestimated. Some caffeine products, such as pills, contain a very high amount of caffeine. One Apollo® Energy Gum contains 80mg caffeine, as much as an average 250 ml energy drink or 2 espressos. The German Food Association recommends a maximum intake of 400mg of caffeine a day.

An essential and decisive difference is that only natural caffeine is used in Apollo® Energy Gum, more precisely, the extract of the unroasted green coffee bean. Most energy drinks as well as other energy chewing gums use not only powdered caffeine, but also taurine or guarana, which are produced artificially in a laboratory. Although this is cheaper to produce, the natural caffeine is much better for the body: Among other things, it has a detoxifying effect. Artificial caffeine does the opposite. So if you take caffeinated products every day, it can be a big disadvantage for the body.

Another highlight of Apollo® Energy Gum: it is on the „Cologne list“ (a German authority for antidoping control), and so can also be taken by professional athletes without hesitation. Test Apollo® Energy Gum before or during your next workout, during a long night playing or working in front of the computer, during a long drive or if you have a sag in the afternoon. You will feel the energy very quickly and enjoy the benefits!

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