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Gum base

The base of chewing gum is gum. There are two types of rubber: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The composition of the rubber base of Apollo® is synthetic. Natural rubber is by its nature not good enough to ensure long chewing (more than a few seconds) and good stability and therefore not suitable to process caffeine, all vitamins and xylitol.



The pleasant taste of mint unfolds after a few seconds. Mint provides fresh breath, has a positive effect on digestion and has an antibacterial effect.



Maltitol is a natural sweetener and has 50% fewer calories than regular sugar. Maltitol is sweeter than regular white sugar. It is produced by extracting maltose from wheat or corn (gluten-free).



Xylitol is another sweetener and is obtained either from birch or corn. Its sweetening power is similar to that of ordinary sugar, but with 40% fewer calories. According to many independent studies, xylitol is an optimal remedy against dental caries.

Green Coffe Beans


The special thing about Apollo® Energy Gum is that the caffeine used is natural. It comes from green, unroasted coffee beans. Caffeine is a stimulant that improves concentration after consumption, helps against fatigue and also increases the brain's ability to absorb it. But caffeine not only increases mental performance, according to various studies it is also said to enhance endurance and muscle strength during exercise. Caffeine acts quickly and effectively, as it is almost completely absorbed into the bloodstream. Natural caffeine has the advantage that it has a purifying effect in contrast to most energy drinks which contain almost exclusively artificially produced caffeine.


B3, B6, B12

B3 important for the metabolism, for the production of fatty acids in the body Vitamin B6 strengthens the nerves and defences and is important for digestion. Among other things, it also supports the immune system. Vitamin B12 particularly influences blood formation, nerve protection, cell division, DNA synthesis, the production of neurotransmitters, energy production and protein metabolism.

When to Chew Apollo®

  • Chew Apollo® Energy Gum for a morning pick me up, after lunch to get you through your day, or during your commute to help you stay awake.
  • While Hiking, Running, or having an active lifestyle Chew Apollo® to give your favorite activity an extra lift.
  • While at the gym Chew Apollo® and get the boost you need to power through your workout. Try Apollo® as a pre-workout supplement, too.
  • Work the night shift? Out Late? Chew Apollo® to help you stay awake and keep the night young.

Nutritional Values

Net weight: 1 piece – 7 grams,
package content: 5 pieces per pack

per 100 grams

per piece


77 kcal

5 kcal


0 grams

0 grams

Saturated Fat

0 grams

0 grams


31 grams

2 grams


0 grams

0 grams


0 grams

0 grams


0 grams

0 grams


246 mg

16 mg

Vitamin B6

50 mg

3,25 mg

Vitamin B12

194 mcg

12,6 mcg

Ingredients: sweetener: xylitol, gum base, sweetener: maltitol, natural flavors, green coffee extract, sweetener: sucralose, niacin, acidifier: citric acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin B12.

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