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The Apollo Story

Apollo Energy Gum was born from the success of Founder Troy Widgery’s previous entry into the consumer energy market with GoFast! Energy Drink. Troy’s background in extreme sports, health, and fitness, provided the passion to build GoFast! into a global brand, but it was his innovative side that led him to experiment with a better, more efficient delivery system. Apollo Energy Gum is made in-house at the company’s modern factory in Denver, Colorado, and is the culmination of 10 years and over 700 formula experiments. Troy’s belief was that a Liquid Core™ surrounded by a Xylitol gum shell was the best way to provide consumers with a clean, dental-friendly, and portable energy supplement for those in the pursuit of a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Controlling manufacturing has been critical to the development of Apollo as a premium energy gum. Each ingredient, each supplier, and every part of the production process is analyzed, refined, and perfected in order to provide athletes, professionals, and go-getters with the absolute best everyday energy possible. Instead of using trendy buzzwords and hard-to-pronounce ingredients, Apollo’s formula is simple: If it doesn’t provide a benefit to the consumer, it is not used.

The Apollo Energy Gum Team is a small group of passionate, hardworking peeople with one mission: Provide consumers with Better Energy for a Better Life™.

Apollo Energy Gum is quickly expanding outside of the home territory of Colorado into select regional markets throughout the US, and into more international locations such as Hungary, New Zealand, and Chile. In Colorado, Apollo is available in convenience, nutrition, and specialty sports stores, with more retailers being added every week.

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